Travel and Tourism

The growth of the hospitality industry is intricately linked to the growth of businesses all across the globe. The industry is already the largest employer in the world and is the first choice of youngsters who desire to step into the corporate sector early. Subjectory’s has ample expertise in catering to hotels, travel agents, airline consolidators who approach us not just for streamlining their reservation engines but also for marketing their products aggressively over both the online and offline media.

Online reservation systems
Our teams of professionals have the experience and expertise to develop robust booking engines that can work both on the internet and on the intranet. These online reservation systems are robust and scalable enough to manage any kind of traffic overloads and still deliver the right results. The online reservation systems that we develop grant authorized access to vendors so that they can know the occupancy percentage expected on any given date and staff their teams accordingly on those given dates.

With Subjectory’s expertise by your side, you can greatly improve the effectiveness of customer interactions. Technology innovation is vital to managing a guest’s experience at all stages of a stay right from the planning stage to check in, even while staying you need to offer innovative technological touch-points to impress the customer and in speeding up the check out process, delays in which otherwise irritates the customer and spoiling his impression about a property. In the hospitality sector, technology has now become crucial to managing operations smoothly and speeding up the quality of service delivery. With the right kind of technology by your side, you can enhance sales and marketing approaches, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Subjectory can help travel service companies-hotels, tour operators, cruises and car rental agencies meet these challenges by improving guest satisfaction, operations efficiency and adaptable business processes. With our expertise, you can offer fully managed, hosted proprietary solutions to the travel industry that will include: Reservations, Revenue Management, Revenue accounting, Operations management and recovery.

As partners in the growth of the travel service industry, we focus on three IT-related areas for hoteliers based on analytics, mobility and optimization of digital channels. Our experience has shown that hotel companies have been aggressively investing in reporting and business intelligence solutions to take better decisions.

With Subjectory’s expertise by your side, you can gain better insights into the mind of a customer and the factors that affect his decision-making. This helps us to develop more targeted offers. You can also leverage guest’s past purchasing behaviors and preferences to make more appealing offers during a guest’s stay at the property. You can identify areas of improvement in terms of cost efficiency and effectiveness and improve property operations.

Airline operators can leverage our web based sales interface to generate a majority of their own revenues from their customers online. With our help you can make better use of the cloud to improve self-service options that improve customer experience by keeping costs low.