Technology Focus

At Subjectory, we use the right mix of open source and proprietary technologies to deliver solutions that meet the requirements of the consumers precisely. Our team of skilled and dedicated professionals have ample experience in the below mentioned technologies.

  • PHP/MySql
  • Open Source Technologies
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • CRM
  • Data Analytics
  • SaaS & Cloud
  • Graphic & Design

The kind of technology that we employ while delivering the right solution to customers depends on a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis and it is only after such an analysis that we recommend the right technology to you. As a thumb rule, we recommend proprietary technologies when we know that budget is not a constraint for a company and it is more focused on application security. Companies with limited budgets tend to opt for open source technologies as it helps them to save big and leverage the power of open source to get ahead in business.

We also specialize in offering software as a service, wherein customers can avail of a small module of large software and run their operations smoothly without stretching their budgets too much. In fact, software as a service or SaaS is fast emerging as a growth area for us as small and medium businesses try to cut costs and still retain their competitiveness in the markets they operate. SAAS has gained momentum with the growth of cloud computing where the software stays in the cloud and is accessed only on-demand by customers on their desktops or mobile devices.

Our technological capabilities are not limited to hardcore IT only and extend in the field of web design as well. Web design is an area with major growth potential and we leverage both open source and proprietary technologies to create awesome designs that can catch the attention of the users. The designs we develop aspire to elicit the right response from the user in the form of filling up a customer information form or a phone call querying about more information about a product. The idea is to generate so much interest in the minds of users so that they begin to scour the web for more information.

We offer winning ideas that can make a mark in the marketplace. With our expertise by your side, you will never struggle for the right technological expertise and can offer ‘out-of-box’ solutions that click in the market. By leveraging our technical expertise, you can innovate better, fasten and create a buzz in the market by offering the right technology. We can offer the best results within the constraints of time and money. With our professionals by your side, you can execute projects at the lowest cost by selecting the right technology. Based on your requirement, our professionals can offer you expert advice on which technology to use that can give the best results. Our technical support extends far beyond the development phase nad we are with the brand throughout its lifecycle.

Try us out today and see the difference!