Social Media & Networking

Social Media is the new platform for brands to communicate with their target audience and is gaining momentum amongst marketers across geographies. Unlike other mediums like print, radio, TV and mobile where there is one way interaction between the brand and its users, social media offers a two –way interaction between the brand and its consumers.

Companies can see the face of the consumer and react to his whims and fancies and address his or her needs immediately. Consumers can also voice their concerns not just through text but through images, videos, animation, cartoons and many such forms that are now available at their disposal. Brand custodians now have more control over their marketing campaigns as they now have their nose to the ground and can judge the changing preferences of the customers quite precisely.

With our social media arsenal by your side you will be in a better position to outsmart and outwit competition in the social space. With much of the conversations about a brand happening online, this is one medium where you should have a robust presence and we will help you do just that. With our help you can nip rumor mongering about your brand in the bud and any negative comments about your brand can be clarified or quarantined. You will have better control of what exactly is being talked about you and promote any specific services that you want to promote. If there is a new product that you want to launch or you want to carry out a shopping carnival online in order to give your clearance sales a boost then these social media platforms will be perfect tools that you can use to full effect.

Brand Promotion Simplified!
Subjectory’s social media offerings include brand promotion by unleashing banner ads, facebook posts, tweets, viral videos to disseminate more information about the brand. We offer a wide smorgasbord of social media optimization service that include: community participation, virtual marketing, video optimization, social media audit, Facebook social media advertising, Facebook page management, twitter account management, LinkedIn profile creation and management, You Tube channel creation and management, social bookmarking.

By employing the above tools, brand promotion gets simplified and the visibility of the brand increases manifold. By leveraging Subjectory’s social media expertise, you can reduce your expenditure greatly on traditional marketing channels like Print, TV, Radio, Out-of-home, Mobile, and earn a high ROI by using the digital medium extensively.

Our team of social media experts understand the medium deeply and can deliver the right kind of traffic to your website without charging exorbitant costs. You will get relevant traffic to your website. By that we mean that you will not just get visitors but real customers who will transact online. By using our expertise, you can radically decrease the cost of acquiring new customers which otherwise would be too high in case you choose to adopt the traditional channels of marketing. Marketers all across the globe have realized the power of social media and are leveraging it to full effect in order to stay competitive and retain their leadership position in the market.