Real Estate

At Subjectory we work with leaders in both the public and private sector to tackle issues by developing solutions that really work. Our experience has shown that real estate opportunities emerge individually and it can be difficult to focus on the whole portfolio and lose sight of the broader strategic goals. Today’s volatile market conditions can expose a company to risk and render existing strategies in-effective. The idea is to develop comprehensive strategies that can balance long-term value creation and appropriate risk considerations that are crucial to success. Our expertise helps in developing a strategy that can address three core dimensions: geographic focus, asset class focus and role along the value chain. By identifying key risk categories and drivers, we ensure that clients understand and properly mitigate risk.

By working closely with clients, we have been able to assess various strategic questions , including scale –up opportunities across cities, portfolio mix across asset classes, product offerings including both luxury and mass-market, financing and appropriate debt levels, ownership and development structures. To ensure the long term success of the strategy, we help clients develop the capabilities and partnerships needed to sustain it.

With our real estate consulting practice, you can make better real estate decisions and through extensive, diverse valuation and consulting experience, we have developed a sound understanding of asset valuation, capital markets and today’s changing real estate marketplace issues.

Our real estate consulting team covers the full spectrum of real estate valuation services, ranging from evaluating large and diverse portfolios to single property analysis. We have the expertise to undertake valuation of tangible and intangible real estate related assets.

Create massive demand pull

Builders operating in the real estate space depend heavily on marketing in order to generate enough cash flows so they can deliver the finished units on time to customers. With our team of seasoned marketing professionals, you can do just that by leveraging the power of advertizing to create a massive demand pull for your projects and outsmart competition in the long run.

Raise institutional finance

By generating the right amount of buzz around your brand and creating ample awareness about the benefits of your project, you can make things easier for yourself by getting institutional finance at the right time. Credit is the lifeline of the real estate business and real estate players who can raise the right kind of institutional finance at low rates stand to win in this highly competitive industry. Our technical and marketing expertise will help both construction players and brokerage businesses to shore up their bottom-lines by getting the right kind of customers who understand what affordable luxury is and are willing to pay for it.