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Project Management

“With the right project management expertise by their side, companies can map costs to revenues and tie project results to business goals. Large complex projects need to be broken down into smaller parts in order to make them achievable and the right project management tools will help you to do just that.”

The process
One of the biggest challenges faced by a project manager is to complete the project within the constraints of time, quality and budget. In order to so, he has to allocate resources wisely and ensure their appropriate utilization.

At Subjectory, we offer end to end project management solutions that include offerings like feasibility studies, commissioning and beyond. We have always delivered projects that have survived the test of time and market and have set new benchmarks in quality and service delivery. We have had a consistent track record of delivering projects within time and budget.

When you leverage our project management expertise to achieve your business goals, we help you to get it right the first time around by conducting an exhaustive review of your existing resources and the roadmap that needs to be followed in order to achieve the stated business objectives. Our work does not finish with the achievement of business objectives but we also do a review of the project at regular intervals to ensure that it is going smoothly and on-track.

Our experience has shown that the achievement of the goals of an organization requires both technical and management capabilities and we have the wherewithal to offer both given our skilled and trained manpower.

All over the world, it has been observed that project management as a tool is vital for business success and in today’s highly volatile and ever changing business environment; well-executed project management can be a tool for competitive advantage.

Our Experience
Project management plays a unique role in today’s organizational set ups and CXO’s have realized the supportive and strategic role project management plays in business. No longer can companies relegate project management as an ancillary function and treat it as just another process. It is no longer a functional activity and it must be placed as a core business process. By leveraging our project management expertise, project managers and planners engage better with senior executives and management.

Project management plays a vital role in almost all industries and unlike in the past when it was limited to construction, engineering and manufacturing, it is now being used to plan and allocate resources and manpower for large complex projects in all industries. All successful businesses now pay full regard to resource, time and progress management.
Unlike other companies who recommend project management only as a tool to meet the delivery challenges, we treat it more holistically and wider in scope to meet the business challenges of managing enterprises through reporting, financial planning and compliance.
The IT services sector has embraced project management tools and the results have been remarkable in terms of deriving operational and cost efficiencies. With Subjectory’s expertise by your side, you too can leverage the principles and practices of this richly developed discipline and experience fast paced growth.