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Process Mapping and Management

CXO’s all across the world are now under pressure more than ever before to achieve the best results with limited resources and manpower at their disposal. In order to do so, they need expert skills and that is where process mapping and management comes in. It helps them to achieve seemingly impossible goals in a short time frame by planning and executing the scheduled tasks on time and within budget.

Process Mapping and management begins by process identification, information gathering, interviewing, and analysis and ends finally with an audit.

We offer process mapping and management services have ample expertise across industry verticals and can deliver precise solutions based on the insights gained and the best practices they have observed in these verticals. With better software tools at their disposal, vendors can now offer superior process mapping and management services .They are in a better position to identify the areas that need improvement and can deliver expert advice in the form of process charts.

By using Supplier, Input, Process, Output, client or SIPOC tools, we at Subjectory identify the starting and end points of the processes you want to improve and then draw a process map to understand what works where. This kind of approach maximizes efficiencies and reduces inefficiencies that would otherwise cripple the system. By availing Subjectory’s expertise, your business will be in safe hands.

As experts in process mapping and management, we possess the skill, experience and methodology to map a wide range of business and operational processes in any industry vertical we work with. We construct process maps that include: current state processes, future state processes, end-to-end processes. We also perform process analysis.

Gather, analyze and summarize process related metrics including cycle times, activity times and frequencies. Help identify inefficiencies and constraints such as bottlenecks, redundancy and duplication. Reveal control points and elements of risk.

Besides this, we also identify issues and gaps and facilitate process mapping and improvement sessions to design future-state processes, discover potential process improvement opportunities, and resolve issues and gaps. We also help in change management and write procedures or work instructions, training manuals or user guides, project management and status reports.

By helping you improve these parameters within the organization, we help organizations undertake business transformation in a step by step manner. These are critical areas where improvements are necessary on a continuous basis and if the desired changes are not made at the right time, it can lead to wastage of time, money and manpower. Most industries, especially manufacturing and production capacities require process mapping and management services and gain exponentially by utilizing the expertise of process mapping and management offered by partners like Subjectory.

To know more about how your business can benefit by process mapping and management get in touch with us for a risk free assessment of your business. We will suggest you the best possible course of action that you can take to power your business to the next level of growth.