Use Business Intelligence for greater success

Market Research and Analysis

With increasing liberalization, privatization and globalization, it has become imperative for businesses to find innovative ways to grow and spot the right opportunities that can offer them headway in the global marketplace. Identifying the right opportunities is the key to winning in the marketplace and market research offers you an opportunity to take advantage of cutting edge technology to find these hidden fields and grow your reach as a result. Some of the key elements of our market research services are offered as follows:

Online Business Research:
Herein, we use established online sources to know about the recent strategies being unleashed by competitors and the current status of your company and products. This helps immensely in tackling issues that impede growth and can offer great insights into competitor behavior.

Business Competitor Analysis:
Detailed analysis of your competitors is offered both in terms of business decisions, strategies, expansion plans, new product development and current financial health and how it might affect the future of your business.

Industry profiling and Analysis:
Full overview of the industry is offered with an outline of key competitors, potential opportunities and similar such data is provided. By using tools such as trend analysis, SWOT analysis, you can prepare the right response to what your competitors are doing and can devise strategies to outsmart competition.

Business Report Writing:
Documenting the activities of the business is our forte. We can draft and finalize important documents that are to be released to the internal and external shareholders of the business. We can even draft important press releases that are published in the print and web as news stories. Ample care has to be taken in drafting these releases and we ensure that you get flawless releases each time, every time.

Database creation services:
Comprehensive databases can be created for your enterprise that includes competitor detail to customer research and sales lead contacts. With the latest sophisticated tools at your disposal, you can access this data anytime and take decisions instantly.

Secondary Research:
We also offer secondary research for your industry vertical by including reporting services, industry publication and competitor data. This back up research is very good for decision making and we can help you take the right decisions.

Country Analysis and Risk Assessment:
Relevant data is presented about a potential investment avenue overseas and what risks it would entail while taking such a step.

SWOT and PESTEL Analysis:
Analyzing the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats of your company as well as your competitors is what we excel at and can offer the same. Having a sound idea about your competitive environment is important to retain your competitiveness.

Target Screening:
Identifying the right target audience based on the demographics of your current and past performance as well as those of your competitors is also one of the services offered by us.

Market Sizing Studies:
Helping CXO’s of companies to know the future size of the market is a specialized field. And we offer accurate estimates based on our expertise.