Logistics and Supply Chain management

Logistics has taken a very important role in today’s globalized economy as businesses have realized that the only way to stay competitive is to expand rapidly and search new markets, territories with effective supply chain management. With the global economic recession refusing to fade away, there is a demand supply mismatch and in every industry, too much money is riding on too few players. Uncertainty has set in and it has increased complexity, competition and compliance.

With the growth of the logistic and supply chain industry, third party logistics, port based logistics and other specialized services are on the rise. There is an urgent need for high quality manpower in this industry so as to engender operational efficiencies and improved cost metrics. At Subjectory, we aim to provide just that with the ample number of clients that we have served in the logistics and supply chain sector, we can offer just the right kind of expertise that is needed to grow.

The present scenario in the Logistics and supply chain industry is that there is an interplay of many factors that have affected the profitability of logistic companies. These include: competition in trade routes, low freight rates, changing customer behavior, globalization of shippers business and growth in emerging markets will necessitate transportation and logistics companies to quickly adapt and respond to customer needs.

Subjectory’s focus has always been to develop better business processes for transportation companies by leveraging data analytics, to help create and offer value based services at lower costs. Logistics and supply chain providers have to constantly face regulatory and infrastructures challenges during the course of their operations and are now sharing risks with their customers. This risk-reward equation is what will set them on to a high trajectory of growth. Our aim is to devise strategies and services that are in sync with the demands of global supply chain companies while at the same time collaborate efficiently to maximize possibilities for growth.

High energy prices is another challenge which the logistic and supply chain industry has had to grapple with and we help logistic companies devise innovative ways to cut fuel costs by optimizing the inventory carried and by optimizing the routes through which the inventory should be carried in order to keep the costs down.

Our teams of professionals help in re-engineering of business processes and technology platforms in order to help enterprises stay competitive and retain their profit margins in the long run.

With our expertise, you can achieve business transformation, accelerate innovation and run superior operations as compared to competition. You will gain the respect of your clients and win mindshare and market share in the long run.

To know how we can transform your business processes and translate them into high profits, talk to our executives today for a free-business assessment and you will be surprised to know how much more you can achieve with just a little bit of specialized guidance.