In today’s globalized marketplace where barriers to trade and commerce have fallen considerably, there is intense pressure on organizations to design, build, maintain and operate robust systems that can handle the pressure of growth and with stand the exacting demands of the customers.

In order to succeed in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, you need to set goals and go about achieving them vigorously no matter what it takes. You need to utilize the experience and expertise of vendors who have the depth and breadth of experience and expertise to deliver precise solutions to customers.

Vendors like Subjectory have the experience of catering to both public and private organizations as well as non-profits. And based on the distilled experience of serving all these verticals we develop solutions that clients appreciate and even ask us to implement them on our behalf.

At Subjectory, we can offer solutions that can help save time, money and energy for our clients. Some of the major industry verticals that we cater to are listed below but our expertise is not restricted to these verticals only. We are open to business from multiple business verticals and it helps us to develop the required bandwidth to serve our globally dispersed clients in future. Subjectory’s role is not limited to developing the technology backbone in all these below mentioned verticals but we also offer management inputs as well that help decision makers take informed decisions and make the right investments.

  • Business Analysis
  • IT/ Software Development
  • eCommerce & Marketplace
  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Food, Beverage & Restaurants
  • Hotels, Tours & Travels
  • Goods & Manufacturing
  • Finance & Banking
  • Social Media & Networking

The insights and experiences that we have gained by catering to clients from multiple industry verticals have helped us to ascend a trajectory of growth. We consider ourselves as your partners in growth and will support your brand right from inception to maturity.

Subjectory’s capabilities have helped businesses to evolve better business models and save precious working capital during recessionary times and emerge stronger after a crisis. We understand that are periods when a business has to go through slow growth and businesses built during such times outperform others when recovery kicks in. Our aim is to ensure that you recover stronger than others and your negative growth, if any, is less than your peers.

The rise of social media platforms like facebook and twitter have introduced an element of interactivity to the whole marketing process and we help you to leverage it to full effect .You can identify the customer segments that you want to cater to with our help and then work systematically to gain the most profitable customers from the segments you are targeting.

For a risk-free business assessment, of how you can improve your bottom-line, get in touch with us today!