Health Care

Public Health has been an area of concern for governments all across the globe and it is slated to be the next growth opportunity for private players. Pharmaceutical companies looking at backward integration or hospital chains looking at forward integration see potential in healthcare and have planned heavy investments into these areas. With the right kind of marketing and technological support, healthcare as an industry can grow leaps and bounds and can attract the right talent and investments that can take the industry to the next level growth.

By leveraging Subjectory’s expertise, Healthcare organizations can seek ways to improve their workflows and information management for quicker admissions and discharges. Better control over the inventory can be exercised which translates into more accurate control of medicines and supplies. Backing these robust processes is faster coding and billing and quick patient processes that support optimal care. With the expertise of our professionals by your side, your operations can work smartly through efficiently designed processes that reduce patient costs and meet the expectations of the family members.

Our experience has shown that the growing availability and affordability of healthcare has had a multiplier effect and it has spurred demand for other services like diagnostics, pharmacies and equipment. A lot of private equity and institutional investors have pitched in with capital and other resources in order to help healthcare institutions meet their rising working capital requirements.

Due to the inherent potential of the healthcare market in India, India has become an attractive destination for medical tourism and a base for clinical trials. Indian pharmaceutical companies do not have as many patented molecules like their western counterparts. Indian healthcare sector still faces many challenges that include optimal utilization of resources, lowering operational costs, maximizing performance and efficiency, scaling up of the size of business, keeping up with technological changes and globalization of healthcare delivery quality and standards.

As operational consultants, we at Subjectory help with market insight and feasibility analysis, market research, location assessment, business plan development, profiling of competitors, strategy development, market penetration strategies and development of horizontal and vertical expansion plans.

Other areas where we provide our expertise include: turnaround strategy assistance, assessment of existing healthcare facility, operations and process advisory, service quality assessment, re-engineering of business processes and risk-free assessment of internal and external environment to improve operational and financial outcomes.