Ecommerce & Marketplace

Ecommerce has gained traction in today’s globalized economy as businesses are finding ways to cut costs and retain their competiveness in all the markets they operate. They can unlock the potential of far-flung territories and widen their revenue base to include overseas audiences. With Subjectory’s expertise you can make ecommerce a reality in your business and even transform the enterprise into an e-business rather than doing business the traditional way in today’s highly dynamic environment. All departments of your enterprise can be inner aligned to become e-business ready with Subjectory’s expertise and take the first step towards being ahead of competition rather than chasing the market leaders.

Payment Gateway Solutions

No ecommerce initiative can be complete without a robust, scalable payment gateway solution that can go hand in hand with the business. Vendors who can deliver secure payment gateway solutions will garner the maximum mindshare and gain top-of-the-mind recall in today’s highly cluttered marketplace. Payment gateway solutions that can work smoothly on all devices and can be incorporated at economical costs will retain high demand in B2B and B2C marketplaces that populate the web.

With Subjectory’s expertise, you can have a payment gateway set up in a short time span and start receiving payments in the shortest possible time-frame. Our payment gateway solutions can not only handle routine catalog based transactions but also customized orders where there is no set price for a product and every customer is given a different price based on his track record and past shopping habits.

Shopping Cart Customization

Merchants now desire shopping cart solutions that can take of the unique needs of their business and offer a smooth, hassle-free shopping experience to customers at all times of the day. With Subjectory’s expertise, you can not only create online shopping carts but also develop e-marketplaces that can offer a handshake between buyers and sellers online. Such e-marketplaces where customers can sell or exchange their wares online are gaining momentum and vendors that can offer such services will be highly sought after in the market. The team at Subjectory has ample experience in creating online shopping carts on both open source and proprietary platforms and can deliver the right products within time and budget.

Mobile Commerce

Ecommerce is bound to grow exponentially in the times to come as users begin to access the web from their mobile devices. With our expertise, you can create web applications that will help find the nearest store belonging to your brand that is available closest to their location. They can also get to know the discounts being offered in that location and redeem online vouchers. Mobile Commerce has gained traction when it comes to utility bills payment as it helps customers save time, money and energy. There is growing curiosity amongst customers about mobile payment and we have the wherewithal and expertise to offer mobile payment solutions as well. Get in touch with us to know how you can gain from our expertise.