Data analysis

With the growth of the consumer internet, data and especially customer data has become very crucial to organizations. There are multiple facets and approaches to data analysis and vendors skilled in this task can only offer the best services at the least cost. Data analysis services are increasingly being sought after by companies both big and small for predictive rather than descriptive purposes. They can be used for sales growth projections, revenue growth projections and similar such projections that top managements need to take the right business decisions. Data Analysis services are also being sought by companies looking to improve their business intelligence. By aggregating data and focusing on the right kind of business information, companies can develop the right products which customers need and are willing to pay for it. Data Analysis has three main aspects to it.

  • Predictive analysis which focuses on the application of statistical data for predictive forecasting
  • Exploratory Data Analysis which focuses on discovering new features in data
  • Confirmatory Data Analysis focuses on eliminating wrong hypotheses.

Data Analysis is affected by the quality of data, quantity of data, and quality of measurement. All these three parameters have a role to play in determining the quality of analysis that occur.

What we offer:
At Subjectory, we offer comprehensive data analysis services from data validation to the development of presentation materials. Our data analysis services can be leveraged for projects of any size, be it the analysis of a single excel file to terabytes of complex link information. Our modus operandi revolves around data analysts working with our business managers to devise and implement a structured reporting plan. We work with clients at all stages from project concept to completion.

Our team of professionals consists of some of the brightest analytical minds in business and we offer precise solutions that can get real results from customers. At Subjectory, we don’t just give you data results but also offer the right insights from amongst heaps of data. We guide top managements to take informed decisions by helping them understand, how to uncover and explore data. Our data analysis services are helping companies by offering them critical, real-time information that enables them to create actionable strategies that drive positive results.

Our team of data analysts will work out the right solution for your enterprise. All you need to do is to partner with us and have faith in our abilities. The clients who were with us at the beginning are still with us and have reposed faith in us as they have seen the results we offer. The dedicated team we have at our disposal and the kind of effort we put at every step of the way is known to all. We can offer winning strategies in a complicated marketplace and can help you gain the most of your IT spends.

Talk to us today to know more and we will guide you in the right direction so that winning becomes a habit for your team.