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Business Analysis

Every business be it big or small, operates on a certain set of principles of business or technology or both. Be it a local bakery or an apparel store, the fundamental principles of cost and revenue that drive businesses are just the same. Each and every business is process driven and in order to succeed, businesses must analyze the supply chain and inter-departmental operations of the business that play a critical role in service delivery.

At Subjectory, we engender change in your organization by using business analysis as a tool of competitive advantage. Organizations across the world have realized the importance of Business analysis that helps them to take informed decisions by understanding what works and what does not in the ever-changing global business environment.

  • We define needs and recommend solutions that deliver value to both the internal and external stake holders of an organization.
  • We are change agents who define strategy, create enterprise architecture and support continuous improvement in technology and processes.

Defining the goals and requirements for programs and project is one of the core tasks performed by the Business Analysis function. Our experts try to create conditions that support continuous improvement in technology and processes. Their task is to introduce changes to strategies, structures, policies, processes and information systems. They help decision makers identify the core needs of an organization and how they can be met by finding practical solutions to real life problems. As a business function, we sub-categorize the area as:

  • Business Exploration & Feasibility Analysis
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Change Management
  • Data Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • IT Service Model Implementation
  • Problem Solution and Design
  • Project Estimation
  • Reports Design & Development
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Website Analytics
  • Wireframe Development

Requirement analysis is also one of the functions we perform wherein we help businesses to improve their bottom-line and stay competitive in an increasingly competitive space.

By availing business analysis services, you tend to reduce rework and concentrate on the most important objectives of the business. By having a business analyst by your side, you do not waste time in unproductive discussions and can help conduct a logical decision-making process. Companies can concentrate on their core task of building the business and reduce the time discussing complex issues which are best left to the business analyst.

Our business analysis services will help you reduce costs as not all solutions require the use of information technology and by finding ingenuous ways around a problem, a business analysts will help you drive down costs significantly.

A business analyst will increase the potential benefits that will be yielded by the solution. By conducting thorough analysis of the business, new business needs or requirements are discovered and the business comes to an increased understanding of what is needed for the solution to be successful.

Business Analysts will also help you prioritize and that will ensure that your own and stakeholder efforts are invested in the most potential benefit. Empirical evidence has shown that internal stakeholders are reluctant to prioritize and by engendering the right kind of prioritization of efforts within the enterprise, we can ensure that projects can become successful investments.

Business Analysis is increasingly being used as a tool for competitive advantage and it is time that you talk to us and gain a free assessment and know how BA can help your business.