Banking and Finance

Banking and financial services institutions that have developed a strong technology backbone have found that they are able to deliver to a wide range of consumers and at the same time lower the cost of each transaction. By leveraging technology, they have been able to reduce human intervention and introduce self service banking in all the areas where manpower costs are high and there is pressure to keep costs low.

Technology can also be used to deliver banking and financial services on the mobile platform that will give an exponential fillip to the industry as a whole. By shifting banking to the mobile platform, we as technology specialists will be able to usher in a paradigm shift in the way people perceive banking and the technology used to access it. Technology can transform banking in more ways than one and with the passage of time, the real effect of technology on banking will become a lot clearer.

With Subjectory’s expertise you can overcome issues of low business confidence, margin pressure and other issues affecting profitability and the morale of the company. Only vendors like Subjectory who have a sound knowledge of the operative environment can help you manage challenges and capitalize on the vast opportunities.

Subjectory is helping its clients operating in the banking, financial services and insurance domains to meet the operational, technology, customer relationship and risk challenges of an ever-changing industry to gain competitive advantage and achieve high performance.

In today’s rapidly changing technological environment, we offer a range of services to help financial services companies improve business performance, mitigate operational risk and develop compelling value propositions for customers. Our portfolio of clients includes banks, insurance companies, asset managers and payment players in all major growth markets.

By leveraging our global network of practitioners and dedicated experts, we augment their work with a robust proprietary knowledge base comprising of research, benchmark and tools.

Our focus is on IT effectiveness and strategy which includes optimizing back-office performance, smart-sourcing, risk management, sales and marketing effectiveness, and large scale program management. Subjectory’s value proposition is concentrated on formulating solutions that create business value, both as architects of innovative solutions and implementation as co-managers.

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The insights and experiences that we have gained by catering to clients from multiple industry verticals have helped us to ascend a trajectory of growth. We consider ourselves as your partners in growth and will support your brand right from inception to maturity.

Subjectory’s capabilities have helped businesses to evolve better business models and save precious working capital during recessionary times and emerge stronger after a crisis. We understand that are periods when a business has to go through slow growth and businesses built during such times outperform others when recovery kicks in. Our aim is to ensure that you recover stronger than others and your negative growth, if any, is less than your peers.

The rise of social media platforms like facebook and twitter have introduced an element of interactivity to the whole marketing process and we help you to leverage it to full effect .You can identify the customer segments that you want to cater to with our help and then work systematically to gain the most profitable customers from the segments you are targeting.

For a risk-free business assessment, of how you can improve your bottom-line, get in touch with us today!