PHP is one of the most widely used languages in the world today and has grown with leaps and bounds with the growth of the web with millions of PHP driven websites being launched on the web every year. The advantage with PHP is that even lay users can build websites in PHP with little or no programming knowledge. Just a basic knowledge of HTML would suffice.

Low Cost Application Development!

One of the best examples of low cost application development and the popularity of the PHP platform is Facebook. This social media platform boasts of more than a billion users and is already considered as the largest country in the world in terms of users. Fast, agile and scalable PHP helps application developers beat costs and deliver a superior experience to users.

PHP in web design

PHP is now being used extensively to develop and design awesome looking websites that can catch the attention of users. With the growth of the internet and web 2.0 technologies, PHP is slated to gain both mindshare and market-share in the times to come.

If you are an entrepreneur, who is looking to cut costs and deliver a rich experience to users visiting your website, we are here for you with an excellent track record of developing rich websites and applications. We can offer services at very low costs PHP will surely meet and exceed your expectations as it has done to a lot of other businesses in the past. In fact PHP has also helped a lot of non-profits achieve their objectives of connecting with their target audience and that too at very low costs. By offering payment gateway and shopping cart customization solutions at rock bottom costs, PHP has ensured that fund raising becomes a breeze for non-profits and donors from all across the globe can make an impact to the future of a non-profit. If you are also running a non-profit or semi-government agency, we can help you propagate your cause and achieve your objectives of connecting with your target audience by using the best mix of open source technologies. We have helped many industries benefit from the power, ease and economy of open source and will help you to do the same. And that’s a guarantee.

MySQL is counted as the world’s most popular open source database owing to its brilliant performance, user friendly nature and high reliability. MySQL is preferred over other databases in order to save time and money.

The beauty of MySQL is that it is capable of running over twenty platforms and supports technologies such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris, IBM AIX, etc. Perfect for any experienced developer or DBA. MySQL offers a wide range of database tools, support, training and consulting services in order to make you successful.

By using a combination of all these technologies, you can get a useful web server infrastructure, define a programming paradigm of developing software and establish a software distribution package.

Hire a dedicated PHP/MySQL developer from us:

Now you have the option of hiring a dedicated PHP/mySQL developer to develop you website with it. PHP/Mysql has limitless capabilities and you can develop an attractive and robust website by leveraging the capabilities of our developers.

Our application developers use PEAR and SMARTY to enhance the performance of their applications and these developers can be relied upon to develop robust and scalable solutions that are quite different from traditional development conventions and involve ‘out-of-box’ thinking.

Whether it is an e-commerce system, online business application, collaborative networking systems, content management system or backend system for data management, our developers can produce precise applications that can deliver the right results.

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