IT/ Software Development

Software Development has over the past few decades been seen as a tool of competitive advantage and has acquired centre-stage in the mindscape of CXO’s all across the world. Businesses now want that investments made in software development yield exponential returns in terms of maintaining the leadership position in the market. CXO’s want their business to emerge at the pole position in the industry segments they operate and are willing to go any lengths to invest in the right kind of software that can deliver superior returns. We do not provide Software development services but Business Analysis project management or other consulting service in ITES/ Software industry.

IT Strategy
There is always a dilemma about getting the software code written in house or getting it developed from a vendor. Businesses usually opt for outsourcing when they have less time on hands and are willing to spend that little extra to reduce the time-to-market. Once a decision is taken to launch a product in the market in a limited time span, then outsourcing takes centre-stage and CXO’s across companies are willing to cross the time-zone barrier in order to select the right vendor who can deliver perfectly within the constraints of time and money.

With Subjectory’s expertise businesses can go up the value chain by providing a high quality of service and deliver more value to end users. They can reduce their turnaround time and even offer customized products to customers. As a vendor, we not only offer development services but also offer business consulting services that help businesses to cut costs and improve their operating margins.

With our consulting expertise, you can make the most of your IT infrastructure and make the most of your IT spends. Our teams of skilled professionals have ample exposure in both open source and Microsoft technologies and will develop the right solution for you so that you can concentrate more on running the business rather than worrying about your IT infrastructure. We also offer software as a service and data analytics services to our discerning clients who want the highest value for their technology spends.

Subjectory’s solutions and services help IT companies accelerate innovation, increase productivity and reduce costs and even optimize asset utilization. By leveraging our expertise, you can derive maximum value from your IT investments. Software vendors can address the most pressing needs such as migrating to SaaS Business models, speeding development cycles and managing licensing revenues.

With our help you can move from a product- centric to service centric business models. By using our proprietary tools and methodologies, we can architect business process solutions for near term cost savings and long term business transformation. The framework thus created helps clients chart a step by step roadmap to achieve their strategic business goals.